An event that REALLY pays

Perhaps I’ve said a time or two before that I’m not crazy about special events, mainly because I see very few that really work. But I found one that is really quite amazing. My friend Nick Failla at Collected Concepts has developed one that can actually produce up to 10% of your annual sales in just one weekend. He calls it the Kiss and Tell Event and he will be the first one to tell you that it wasn’t solely his idea. He did it with a little help from Andy Koehn in West Bend Wisconsin.

The Kiss and Tell Event requires no advertising, only some sweat equity from your team beginning 6 weeks before the event and it re-ignites clients that you haven’t seen in awhile. On the Kiss and Tell weekend you will move both old and new product and YOU determine what the price will be based upon factors such as how many appointments were made, how old the piece is, how they are paying for it etc.

Here’s the fun part. Nick says you should do this event during your slowest month of the year. Now I’ve talked to jewelers that have done one and the lowest gross amount was about $35,000. OK Nick, I’m sold. I’m now a special events guy. Oh but there is one catch. You HAVE to follow the recipe precisely. You can learn more about Kiss and Tell from the man himself at

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