Who is gonna make it? We’ll find out, in the long run.

The Eagles and Sharon’s jewelry store

Sharon has a nice jewelry store in the Midwest. She’s currently doing $700k in volume but she’s wanted to break that million-dollar mark since day one. She’s been stuck for years, going to trade shows, listening to the latest, greatest speakers on the new trendy ways to get more customers. She signs up for a few new things and a year later, it’s business-as-usual only she’s spent more marketing money. Then, to top things off with a cherry, she drives by her competition on the way home every night and there are 4 or more different cars in their parking lot every time.

Sharon needs is a marketing plan that will work, one that will have a great ROI over THE LONG RUN. She’s always looking for the quick fix, the silver bullet, the panacea. I assure you, there is none. It takes planning, budgeting, creativity and patience.

Don’t be Sharon. Right now, print this out. Run over to a coffee shop and find a table where you won’t be bothered and ponder these questions: Bring a pen. You’ve got some writing to do.

1. What am I good at? What do I do better than anyone else in town?
2. If I told a hundred people about my answer to #1 and they came into my store, could my staff and my product deliver on what I just told those people?
3. How big will my market allow me to grow?
4. How can I communicate with my existing and new customers in a way that they will think of me when they have a jewelry-buying event in their life?
5. How can I do this all within my budget without borrowing money?
6. Do I have the patience and fortitude to stick with my plan for entire year?
7. How will I judge my results? How will I measure success?

If you’ve answered these, or at least figured out that you need help, you’re much further ahead than Sharon is. She still thinks her store is going to grow by continuing to do what she’s done forever. That’s actually pretty sad.

Who is gonna make it? We’ll find out, in the long run.
I know we can take it, if our love, is a strong one.

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