Monthly Archives: April 2017

A Mother’s Day radio ad that speaks to the heart

I always like to try and touch the listener’s heart with a memory or past experience. So when several jewelers asked me to write a radio ad for Mother’s Day, I did just that. Here it is. If you’d like a version recorded for yourself I can whip one out for you pretty quick. Just…

Die? or Delight?

The latest in the JEWELRY STORE POSSIBLE series discussing how delighting customers can immensely grow your business. There is a part of our brains that causes us to ignore boring, repetitive messages. This area unconsciously takes all of the messages that we receive and either records them into memory or it kicks them to the…

NOW is YOUR time!

This is a new video series of encouragement I’m starting to help jewelers around the world. I call it JEWELRY STORE POSSIBLE. I hope this series is immensely uplifting to you!