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EVERYBODY’S GOT THAT ONE THING….. that they would love to address their staff with if only they could. Tell me what it is and I’ll create a custom store training video for you. Yup! I’ll tell them they need to dress better, show up on time, quit fighting over sales, lose the attitude or whatever…

SEO Done RIGHT for Jewelers

If you’re not found at the TOP of Google searches in your area, your business is invisible. My friends over at 4Spot Marketing have had great success with jewelers getting them to rank right up there, making them among the first to be clicked on. Learn more at

#102 – Cash Flow

This meeting discusses steps owners, managers and sales staff can take to create healthy cash flow in their jewelry stores. Click here for your notes and quiz. Click here for the download page of this meeting. If you aren’t currently signed up for our weekly store training, click below to get started. LEARN MORESIGNUP