A new way to think about BRANDING

All the big advertising firms have their definitions of branding that leave us jewelers lost in woods of big marketing words. Here is what branding is boiled down: Branding is what people think of you when they hear the name of your business. It’s that simple. The things that you have done throughout the years to make impressions on people… charitable events, ads, mailers to customers, social media… in all of these things we have left some type of impression on people. Good or bad. Confused or definite.

TiffanyThe big question that I asked a few hundred jewelers at the IJO show in Tampa is this; For all that money you’ve spent in the past number of years, what do you own? What part of people’s brains do you own? What do people think about when they hear the name of your store?

  • Snobby, fancy, I can’t afford a thing in that store.
  • Hey, I like those guys. The next time I need a diamond, I’m going to them.
  • I really don’t know what they have or what they’re about, but I’ve seen a few of their ads.
  • Never heard of ‘em.
  • They do great custom work…. Look at my ring.
  • I love these guys. I’ve told all my friends about them.
  • They’re that place my parents go to, but I can’t afford anything in there.
  • They have Pandora.. but that’s all I get there.

In order to get the most of your marketing, your messages and activities should be purposeful and have a singular continuity. You can start by answering the question; “What do I want people to think of when they hear the name of our store?” Once you’ve answered that, you’re on the right road. From then on, make sure every single message you put out has something to do with the answer to that question.

Quick note: I’m sitting in Starbucks in Appleton writing this and just asked the two gals next to me where they would buy their next diamond. One said a local jeweler that they hear on the radio and tv “All the time.” And the other said Tiffany’s in Chicago. When I asked them why they answered the way they did, they both said that they like what the stores stand for. Hmmmm. Sounds to me like some definite branding is going on here. I can help YOU with that. Call me at 920-492-1191. I’ll answer.

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