Have a Host with the Mostess

walmart greeter
I’ve just been secret shopping in about a dozen jewelry stores in the south and all but one have broken the number one rule of great salesmanship. Greet the customer with a warm smile within a few seconds of walking in the store. Heck, Wal-Mart seems to think it’s a good idea. Nobody was in that beautiful greeting zone which is about 10 to 20 feet from the front door. They were all perched in the back, busy with…. I don’t care what. It’s no coincidence that these stores also did not show up on the marketing radar in this market. They’re just mosy-ing along wondering why sales aren’t happening, trying to make payroll.

I can’t stress enough the basic principle of welcoming people to your store. You don’t sit in your kitchen at home and wait for people to peek around the corner to get up and greet them, so don’t let it happen in your jewelry store. Create a comfortable place for your staff to work on inventory and computer projects, make phone calls and be able to be in that zone to greet the customer. Also, make it a safe zone for them to carefully place the inventory they’re pricing when a customer arrives.

Also, create an “Up” system where you take turns working with customers with a person “on deck”. That person is the helper when the first person is busy, offering to clean jewelry and offer beverages. This way you have a fair system of sales rotation but more importantly it serves the purpose of providing superior sales service. That means more sales closed.

A few changes in your daily operations and marketing can mean huge increases in sales. Give me a call. I love helping jewelers find boatloads of untapped cash. 920-492-1191. Jim@jewelrymarketingguy.com

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