Narrow your marketing aim with your budget

Birdshot target
Most independent jeweler’s marketing budgets have way too many line items on them. If your budget has a little bit of this and a little bit of that and you’re talking to a bunch of people a little bit here and a little bit there, you’re throwing your money away. Sure you’re reaching them, but not effectively. Now of course if your budget is huge… knock yourself out and buy a ton of media, but whatever you buy…. Own it.

So we end up spattering around our message, using different messaging from vendor co-op ads to locally-made ads to pre-created ads that you’ve tagged with your logo. With no-continuity in messaging and the incorrect frequency of ads to a particular audience, the message is not held in long-term memory. A good way to measure the success of your marketing is to get out of your store and ask 50 people where you should buy a diamond in this town. When you get away from the people, jot their responses down on a pad. The store that comes up the most is winning. I hope it’s you. If it’s not, there IS a way to make it you. Learn how.

I’ve seen too many ad budgets that spend an awful amount of money but are relatively ineffective. So please, narrow your budget and spend more dollars with one medium or one station or one show. It’s very likely your marketing dollars are not too few, they are just spread too thin.

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