What you can STILL do this week to make Christmas great

Typically we all start freaking out between now and December 10th wondering “Where the heck is everybody?” Here’s a quick trick to help get “everybody” in this Christmas. Grab a report of your top customers and get on the phone inviting them to come in to fill out her wish list. Offer them an incentive such as a nice gift, a gift card or a very special holiday treat or beverage. Make appointments for them to come in and visit. When they get there, make your store a relaxing haven from the bustle of the holidays. You do this with your attitude, décor, music and pressure-free culture. Take great notes, but remember, have fun with her. Your goal is to develop your relationship. After she’s gone, get on the phone, email or mail her sweetheart. Let him know that you’ve got Christmas in the bag for him. Let him know that when he stops in to pick up her gift at your store, she will be extremely happy.

Your staff can start this right now and get an extra hundred people in your store that otherwise may have passed you by this year.

• Remember to sell with EMOTION
• Impress upon men that buying at your store will get him the RESPONSE he’s looking for when she opens that gift
• Capture those EMAIL ADDRESSES
• Men in general want to be TOLD what will be a hit with her
• Make your advertising EMOTIONAL
• Tie in Emotion with a magical PRICE POINTED ITEM

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