The power of EMOTION and PRICE POINTS in your ads

You’ll notice that around Christmastime the chain store TV ads are both emotional and price-point driven. They’re extremely effective because they tug at heartstrings but also promote the price friendliness of the jeweler. Watch this ad.

Fun Bridal Ad from Creative Edge Productions on Vimeo.

Here is what goes through the viewer’s mind:
“Hhhmmm, that’s exactly what I want my girl to feel like. I guess I should give her jewelry if it will give me THAT kind of reaction. Oh cool, it looks like I can actually afford the kind of jewelry that will give me that reaction. I’ll swing into John Laughter Jewelry.”

This is exactly the type of response we’re looking for. The result may not be that people come in and buy a hundred of these rings from John (although he may sell several of them), but rather that people get an emotional connection and understand that they can feel free to go into John’s jewelry store as comfortably as passing by a chain store in the mall.

One last benefit is that getting people through your doors is actually a rehearsal for future visits such as bridal and anniversary. You’ve now trained them early to become a lifetime customer.

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