What a 14 year jewelry sales professional thinks about our weekly video training

I’m so excited about these videos! The neatest part is when jewelers tell me that their profitability is going up because we are hitting on best practices for their staff. Yup, I have a horn and I’m tootin’ it (or rather a jeweler is tootin’ it for me). This is an unsolicited (I promise) video and email from our friends Mills Jewelers in Lockport New York about our weekly store meetings.


I had a staff review meeting with Debbie this morning. She is amazing at selling with emotion, but I have been asking her to become more well versed on the technical aspects of diamonds. She needs to know as much as the engineer customer. At least she needs to be able to throw out a tidbit of information to demonstrate that she is a “jewelry professional”.
Anyway, she told me that she is learning a lot with your lessons on diamonds. She is a 13 year employee! I had been thinking that this is all review and unnecessary for our seasoned staff, but I stand corrected. This is an unlisted video just for you. It’s dark because we had the meeting before setup. The lights were still off. You can share it to others if you wish.

George E. Fritz
Owner & Graduate Gemologist (GIA)
Mills Jewelers

Sign up for your weekly store video meetings right here. Your staff can watch them on mobile phones, laptops or as a group. All meetings come with assisted notes and a quiz. Every 15 to 20 minute meeting promotes group discussion and practice. Find out how $149 per month can increase your closing ratios, top-line-sales and number of items per ticket.

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