How to handle objections once and for all!

How many sales objections are there really? If you start writing them down, you could probably come up with 20. If you can think of more than that I’ll bet each additional objection is just a re-phrase of a prior one. Now yes I’m the Jewelry Marketing Guy, but your sales closing ratios are so integral to your marketing that I must bring it up. Here’s why; If you’ve ever had Shane Decker in you’re your store or heard him speak, he’ll tell you that if you provide outstanding customer customer service, you need to advertise very little. The really cool part is if you really do this, you’ll have enough cash flow that you’ll be able to afford the kind of advertising that will allow you to dominate the market.

So…. Back to objections. Here’s how to overcome them forever and double your closing ratios; Have your staff build a list of the most common sales objections. Get as many on the board as they can think of. Then put the similar ones together and then have them come up with great responses to each of them. Run to the office supply store and pick up some big cue cards. Write the objection on one side and your great responses on the other side. Have your staff go through 5 cards per day EVERY DAY. Make this part of your 5 minute pow wow every morning. It’ll be easy and fun. Heck, make a game out of it and give the winners a caramel macchiato. Then get out your calculator and compute what your sales would be if each person sold just one more item per day. Holy Cow! I think that’s worth a trip to Starbucks! The answer to better sales is right in front of us. And you can fix it with this simple daily application.
Vince Lombardi


“Winning is not a sometime thing. It is an all the time thing. You don’t do things right once in awhile… you do them right all the time.” Vince Lombardi


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