How to ensure your big spenders return this Christmas

Any smart jeweler understands that their top 100 customers are the bulk of their annual sales, especially at Christmas time. You definitely want them in your store in the next 4 months and here’s a proven way to get them in.

Give a gift with no strings attached purely for appreciation. What company does that anymore? Nobody! And that’s what will make YOU stand out this Christmas season. You can touch each of these people very affectively by mailing them a 24K plated ornament. I’ve done this and it works wonders. We’ve included and very nice printed and personalized card (hand signed) and had it delivered the week before Thanksgiving. The result was top-of-mind awareness, goodwill, thank-you phones calls and notes and many nice sales. You can mail them out for about $12 to $16 each and the 24K Rose Company has thought through all of the packaging, personalized ribbon and note of authentication. They have several options from mistletoe to pine cones to holly leaves. This year they’re featuring a starfish calling it the Christmas Star. With each star sold they are donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

So get on your computer and make your VIP list. Then give Greg a call at the 24 Karat Rose Company. They’ll take care of everything for you and you’ll have begun a fantastic Christmas tradition of giving from the heart and returning raving fans.

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