What would you give me to deliver a million dollar producer?



What would you give me if I found you a million dollar producer? Seriously! What’s it worth to you if I send you a person that could sell that amount of jewelry in a year? $20,000? Perhaps $50,000? Of all the issues I talk with jewelers about, this one is right on top. “How do I find that killer salesperson?” I’ll tell you how I found mine right now, for free.

It begins with Hippocrates and Greek history. Hippocrates developed the theory that we are all made up of a mixture of 4 primary personality types; sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable), choleric (ambitious and leader-like), melancholic (analytical and quiet), and phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful). Along with these primary personality types goes our individual motivations. I, for example am Sanguine/Choleric but I have 5 very important motivations and they are: Thrives on encouragement, Musical, Inspirational, Loves People and Warm.

Once you know yourself, then you can accurately tell people what they can expect from you. For example, my wife Sharon knows that all she needs to do to get me to do something is to appeal to my love of encouragement. “Honey, thank you so much for replacing the faucet in the kitchen. I absolutely love it. I’d really like to have a ceiling fan above the sink. Is that something you think you could do?” Are you kidding me? Get in the car. We’re headed to Home depot right now!

I’ve just revealed to you how I found my big sales producers. And the great thing is, they were already working for me. I didn’t have to pay anyone find them for me and I didn’t have to woo them away from another jewelry store (well I actually did do that but that was before they were big producers). Once I understood my own personal motivations as well as each person on my team, I could now put the right people in the right place in the store and set each one of them up for success according to their own, individual motivations, not some formula out of a sales course that taught to only one personality type.

When you understand what makes each person in your organization tick, you can speak individually to those motivations and encourage and uplift them. This ultimately focuses on people’s individual strengths and when you do that you will see tremendous growth right under your nose.

So perhaps you have one or two million dollar producers right now but you’ve just been trying to light a fire under them instead of within them. My friend Joe Kiedinger and I will be sharing how to bring out the big producers on your team as well as finding new ones at the Platinum Jeweler’s Academy in Chicago on September 15-17. This isn’t one of those seminars that will send you home with a box of books and cds that will sit on the back shelf. We’ll teach you employee engagement that will reveal hidden gems that are currently on your team and also what to look for in that new hire. We’re going to feed you well and make sure you are very comfortable. Sign up right now and begin finding your million dollar producers and you won’t even have to give me $20,000.

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