What are you saying?

ABC Jewelry Store

A nicely dressed man stops you on the way out of the cafe and says that he recognizes you as the owner of the jewelry store. He asks “Why should I come to your jewelry store?” Do you immediately have a good answer for him? One that won’t sound like a ho-hum, pc response?

Great marketing messages aren’t just for Tiffany’s and Zales. In fact the message means so much more coming from a local, independent jeweler. The sincerity level is so much higher. Think about this statement: “We want to be the jeweler for your life’s moments.” You can pull this off so much better than Big National Jeweler. If you don’t know what you’d say to that man in the cafe, take some time right now to think about what your message is. Here’s a few questions to get your juices flowing:

1. What do you do better than anyone else in town (SERVICE cannot be your answer unless your service is truly amazing)?
2. What’s your story? How did you come into this business?
3. What product do you have that nobody else has?
4. Why are your people special?
5. Why are you in the jewelry business? What keeps you in?
6. What does your competition do that you don’t?
7. Where do you buy your jewelry?
8. What line, item and price point do you sell the most of?

Answering these questions will help you develop that branding statement. And when you come up with it, make a promise that you’ll somehow use this brand positioning statement in all of your future marketing. Whether it’s a slogan or just a good solid message, consistency in using it will increase your marketing effectiveness.

If you want to develop a great marketing program and could use a little professional help, I’m available to come to your store and develop it with you. I’ll visit your competition, analyse your market, staff and inventory. I’ll do surveys and create an effective program for long-term growth. Give me a call at 920-492-1191 or jim@jewelrymarketingguy.com for more details. There’s still time to get this done before your Valentine season.

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