Ladies Night.. Oh what a night.

Many of you have Ladies Nights coming up. I know you’re busier than a one legged man in a fanny kicking contest… so I’ll make this short and sweet.

How to have a successful ladies night.

  1. Invite a lot of people. The best return on invitations I’ve seen is about 10%.
  2. Give goodie bags and make it nice stuff. 10% off a manicure won’t cut it and also the free facial from the Avon rep isn’t the best either. Make it a coveted goodie bag.
  3. Encourage them to bring a friend. They will play off of one another and create more excitement. Offer them something special if they bring a friend.
  4. Serve great food and beverages. Be sure to serve something in there that they wouldn’t normally have. Be extraordinary.
  5. Get your vendors in for trunk shows. Be especially sure to get in your fashion lines like Lorenzo, Rebecca and your beads.
  6. Allow people to purchase that night. The original thought would be that Ladies Night was to create a wish list and they would be more prone to come if we told them to leave their wallets at home. Not anymore. If the girls wanna buy, let ‘em buy. They WANT to. It’s part of the friends playing off one another.
  7. WISH LISTS! This is a night to make a wish list. Offer to put them in a prize drawing if they fill one out with all the important information.
  8. Upbeat music. Turn up the tunes and let the girls play. No Bach and Vivaldi.
  9. FOLLOW UP! Communicate with the gift givers before December 20th. This could be emails, phone calls or handwritten notes. The better your follow-up, the better your direct sales from ladies night will be.
  10. Try to measure it. This can be tough but the Edge has a great feature for tagging customers. If you can measure your effectiveness from one year to the next, then you can really start to answer questions about how to make it better.

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