It’s time for your jewelry store to go to the next level.

So many independent jewelers today are marketing and merchandising by the seat of their pants. They plan their advertising when the media rep walks in the door. In today’s market, these are the types of jewelers who will soon be holding G.O.B. sales. My goal for this website is to give jewelers a WEEKLY marketing class to enable you to go against the BIG DOGS and to give you marketing tips and great ads so your business will explode!

Coming soon, you will see a 5 to 10 minute video each week discussing various jewelry marketing facets. It’s completely free. All you will need to do is sign up to receive notice via email every week that a new video is posted. These videos will be MEATY and will give you jewelry marketing tips that will make your competition wonder what the heck you’re doing…. and why are there so many customers going through your door???

My first video will be huge. HOW TO OWN THE BRIDAL MARKET IN YOUR TOWN. How many engagement rings are you selling per week? 1? 5? Imagine what could happen to your business if it doubled or tripled?

Yahoo! Here we go!

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