It was their best Christmas ever!

I don’t know Steve and Carol Sturhahn but I will someday. They pulled off a fantastic celebration of their 100th year anniversary by giving away 100 pieces of jewelry (100 Acts of Kindness) to random people in Quincy Illinois.

Steve wanted to make a big splash and his goal was to thank the community for their business over the years. He knew these acts of kindness would return back to him many times over in community goodwill, and it did! There were touching stories almost every day of people who just lost a loved one, diagnosed with cancer or were just in need of a lift.

Steve and Carol set out for 10 weeks to give 10 items away each week ending in October. They picked a random day, a random busy place and random people. They had a camera crew follow them around as they gave out jewelry averaging from $300 to $400 retail. They received permission on video from most of the recipients to post the videos on their website & YouTube. Letters came in. People came in. Facebook friends tripled. Customers came in from many miles away because they saw it on the news and just wanted make a purchase from such a great jewelry store. Now of course they had other 4th quarter events going on that contributed to their success but this was without a doubt the greatest impact they could have made on the Quincy market. I think grandpa Walter would have been very proud.

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