How to make your ads INSTANTLY work better

There is a gatekeeper in our brains. He’s there to ward off and ignore any boring, repetitive, useless messages. As soon as he encounters ad-speak, cliché or useless phrases he sticks them with a pitchfork and throws them right off into the burning pile of rubbish of advertising messages that go blah blah blah.

The gatekeeper is Broca’s Area and once you get to know him, he can be your friend and will let you pass into the area of the brain that allows for deeper thought and future action, such as coming into your jewelry store. The password to get past Broca’s Area is the answer to the question in anybody’s mind….. “WHO CARES?”

The next time you’re going to craft an advertising message, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and answer that question. If your opening thought (most important) and the rest of your message can answer that, then you’re in business. Here are some examples of what will get tossed out rendering your ad useless:

1. “Hi, I’m Jim DeGroot of J Gerard Jewelers.” Who cares? Boring! I should call Mark to book our tee time.
2. “Mother’s Day is coming soon.” Duh, that’s what the last ten ads for everything just said. Please insult me more by reminding me of something I already know.
3. “Looking for a diamond? Well look no further!” Yeah as a matter of fact I was! I’m sure glad your ad came on and saved the day. I never even heard of Google and was wondering how I was going to find a jewelry store.

Here are some ideas to get past Broca

1. “There used to be a wonderful thing in this world called the family jeweler. They were trusted to sell and repair all you’re your family’s jewelry, just like your family doctor and dentist.”
2. “For years she’s been thinking about getting a mother’s ring. She just hasn’t told you.”
3. “You know you’re going to need a diamond ring sooner or later. Whether you just fell in love, or you’ve been married for years”

Make your opening line answer the question “Who Cares?” and you will get past the gatekeeper and begin to win the love of your customers and prospects. Your ads will instantly rise to the top of all the piles of advertising nonsense that’s out there.

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