How long will Shelly live in La-La Land?

concerned woman

Her store has been around for 34 years. Dad started it and Shelly started coming in after school to clean and run errands. She learned a lot from dad and has done a fantastic job of carrying on the relationships he started and also starting many of her own. The store has been doing $800,000 in sales pretty consistently and that has been enough to pay herself and her staff of three. But wait! Things seemed to have changed in the past few years.

Shelly’s average ticket has been going down, she’s seeing fewer and fewer of her “good” customers, her inventory is applying for AARP membership, her bridal case looks like it’s from the seventies, the last time she did any staff training was when they watched Zig Ziglar on VHS and she’s no longer seeing young couples buying diamonds. All of the sudden it seems as though doing business the way daddy did doesn’t seem to be cutting it any more.

The time will come for all of the Shelly’s who own jewelry stores to realize that they either need to get on the ball and start growing, changing and training or figure out the best way out of this business. Call this a wake-up call or just Jimmy ranting and hit delete, you choose. But I prefer to see it as an opportunity. You are blessed that you have people walking through your door. You are blessed that you have been able to be in business this long and have a great team of people working for you. You have also been a blessing to your staff and your customers with all of the hard work (God knows how hard) you’ve put in.

So I’m here to tell you that beginning right now, you can start to make those changes and grow. You CAN compete with Kay Jewelers in the mall. You CAN train your staff with the latest in sales and operations training. You CAN start seeing new couples at your diamond counter buying engagement rings. You CAN get rid of your old inventory and use the money to pay off debt (or whatever you want to do with the money). You CAN have a great team of people who have respect for one another and have teamwork.

Through my experience as a general manager for two very successful jewelry stores, I’ve created over 150 weekly videos that train you and your staff about everything you need to run your jewelry store. Yup! I record them every week in my studio and send it to you so your team can watch them and grow. The neatest part is that these are recorded real time based upon your input so they continually stay relevant to independent jewelers. The jewelers that achieve the best success with these videos are the ones who religiously watch them every single week (they’re only 10 to 20 minutes each), then they have a good discussion about the topic and put the ideas discussed into practice. The people that cancel are the ones who never find the time to want to grow.

TRY IT! Start right now and let me grow your team and your store. You can cancel at any time if you think it’s not worth the money and the time. Hey, you’ve invested millions into your store and years of your life, isn’t it time to start having some peace, knowing that you’r store is growing with a plan….. a plan for excellence?  Click here to sign up now!