Are you tired, frustrated, overwhelmed? Does your jewelry store need help?

If this is you, perhaps I can carry some of the load and help get your store to where you’ve always wanted it to be. I now have one more slot in my schedule that will allow me to work with a jeweler get to the next level. Let’s chat about your current state of affairs. I’ll come for a visit, get to know you and your team and we’ll identify those areas that need special help.

Then you and I will build a plan and I’ll work with you and your team on a weekly basis. I don’t have a cookie cutter plan to offer you because every store is different, that’s why the get-to-know you visit is so important. We’ll look at you, your management or lack of management, your marketing, your staff, your inventory… everything.

It’s my mission in life to help you grow your jewelry store. If you’re serious and you’re willing to make some changes as well as give me a little control of the ship, we’ll do great things. Give me a call at 920-492-1191 or email me at Let’s get you some peace!