Advertising Doesn’t Work

I’ve actually heard that there are consultants out there that are telling jewelers NOT to advertise. “Unless it shows a return…. don’t do it!” I’ve got to pull all my PC-ness off the table here are say… BULL! Even crappy advertising works. You know it does. Take a look at all the junk you see on TV and notice that no matter how poor the ads are, no matter how annoying the message, the people advertising are usually driving a late model luxury car, live in a pretty nice house and you continue to see and hear them.

The trouble with bad advertising is if the message has low impact with the listener, the frequency has to be though the roof, raising the cost dramatically. Take a look at any drug ad where they list the side effects of nose bleeds, ulcers, diarrhea, sexual impotence and death. Why would these companies spend all that money to tell people that they might actually die? Be sure to have them talk with those that tell you to stop advertising.

I don’t want you to advertise poorly. I want you to have a great ROI with messages so powerful that people come in your store wanting to hug you and tell their friends to go see their friend in the jewelry business. It CAN happen. And so here it is…. my shameless plug. I can help you with that. Don’t stop advertising unless you want to start planning your GOB. Just start advertising better. 🙂

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