Please don’t let your advertising stink! Especially at Christmas for goodness sake!


The next few weeks are our super bowl and there are a tremendous amount of ad messages out there, and good ones too. So please don’t just let some graphic designer at your print shop or your media rep write your copy. Here are 5 hints to cause people to actually pay attention to your message:

1. Talk TO someone. Don’t generalize and try to speak to everyone. It doesn’t work for elections and it surely doesn’t work in advertising. Choose single guys or married women or men over 50. Pick a group. Everyone else will still relate to your message but the group you speak to will really get it.

2. Use words that really mean something. Avoid words like quality, value, sale, years in business, personal service. Rather think about the REAL meaning of what you want to say. Rather than, “At Feldstien Jewelers, you’ll enjoy quality jewelry at an affordable price.” BORING! Try “When you walk through our door at Feldstein’s, you’re instantly going to know you’re at the right place for your diamond ring!”

3. For every single thing you write, ask the question from the recipient’s perspective, Why do I care? or What’s in it for me? Then tell them what’s in it for them.

4. Don’t say what people already know or can fill in the gaps. For example, this time of year we don’t need to even say the words for everyone on your Christmas list. Duh. Everybody knows this. Write what you want to say, then ask yourself “What can I delete here that is already a given or a known?”

5. What can I say that nobody else in my market CAN say OR is unwilling to say? Everyone wants to use safe language. Safe language gets lost and forgotten in the land of ad-speak. Don’t be offensive. Just say things with emotion, the real emotion that’s in your heart.

If you need help with this, call or email me. You’re busy enough. Me? I just sit around this time of year with a delicious cup of coffee being creative for jewelers who are busy making their store profitable. I’ll be happy to do some creative writing and radio recording for you. or 920-492-1191.

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