Let them SEE IT in their minds

It’s two days before Valentine’s Day and a man is driving to work, thinking about that kid running across the street, that old building, “What used to be in there?”, “I’m due for an oil change”. Now your jewelry store ad comes on the radio. Does it put him on a new thought path where he actually sees himself walking through your door and buying your jewelry, or does he continue his thought bouncing, ignoring your ad because it’s a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about you and all your store has to offer?

When you you put ads out there, give people a little break in their day. A little romance novel if you will. Allow them to actually see themselves giving your jewelry and experience the magical result of shopping at your store. You can do this with phrases like; Your new, bigger diamonds studs are waiting right here for you at Jackson Diamond Jewelers. Imagine her face when she sees that little box from Dream Jewelers. When you give them a laundry list of all you have to offer, their brains shut down and off they go on wherever their brain takes them next. Maybe even a station change.

Think about a little suggestive thought planting with a little something like this.

This is our amazing voice talent Beth Bethand a little seed like this planted in your ads can get your listeners to visualize that moment. In this audio slice, Beth is telling people a great deal about Everett Jewelry as well as a mental rehearsal of the result of giving it. Yes, we include it in every ad we do and for very good reason.

Before Valentine’s Day has come and gone, let’s really think about our messaging and improve our odds of more sales by getting folks to mentally rehearse giving YOUR jewelry. If they do that enough, their bodies will follow exactly where their thoughts have led them all along.

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