About Jewelry Marketing Guy

I’ve always wondered why some jewelers made millions and most other jewelers “just got by”. It became my passion to learn just what it was that made those successful jewelers so…. successful. I was the manager of Avenue Jewelers in Appleton and have been on your side of the counter for 20 years now.

In 1999, With the help of two wonderful guys (Joe and Larry), I was able to go on that mission and come back with the big prize. I’ve learned how to market a jewelery store to grow it exponentially. We did it with two stores in Wisconsin and I’ve helped other jewelers across the country do it as well. I’ve learned from great and wonderful people about product merchandising, staffing, sales management, retaining an excellent sales staff and maintaining a profitable repair and custom shop.

Now, I am available to jewelers to help them one-on-one with their specific marketing, merchandising and staffing needs. I’m also partnered up with Tony and Sean (Creative Edge Ads) creating beautiful jewelry ads so that independent jewelers have better ads than the big guys. These ads are available at www.creativeedgeads.com.

So read on, listen on, call me, email me, have me come to your store to help you explode your business! You can do it!

Jimmy DeGroot