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Top Ten Happiest Jeweler Traits

I’m celebrating my 300th training video from with a little top ten list of the traits of the happiest jewelers I know. Get weekly videos like this to train your team. I give you great information and create great discussions among your team. You’re crazy if you don’t sign up for these weekly gems….

How to Utilize Digital & Traditional Media

So many jewelers are putting all of their marketing eggs in one basket. Here’s how you utilize BOTH to dominate your market. Get jewelry store team training in your in-box from Jimmy every Monday morning right here.

Train the Trainer Seminar with Brad Huisken

You have the most powerful position in determining the success or failure of your sales associates and the store. 2017 Dates Chicago : September 26 – 28 |Atlanta : October 10 – 12 Train the Trainer Details Brochure REGISTRATION FORM Learn How To: ✓ Increase and measure productivity ✓ Provide a formal sales training program…

A Mother’s Day radio ad that speaks to the heart

I always like to try and touch the listener’s heart with a memory or past experience. So when several jewelers asked me to write a radio ad for Mother’s Day, I did just that. Here it is. If you’d like a version recorded for yourself I can whip one out for you pretty quick. Just…

Learning with Passion and Enthusiasm

This short video was recently shared with me and I thought you’d enjoy learning how our brains learn better and are more enthusiastic through learning. For great weekly videos in your jewelry store for your team, visit

Let them SEE IT in their minds

It’s two days before Valentine’s Day and a man is driving to work, thinking about that kid running across the street, that old building, “What used to be in there?”, “I’m due for an oil change”. Now your jewelry store ad comes on the radio. Does it put him on a new thought path where…