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How to make great social media videos right in your store

So many jewelers are afraid to dive into creating videos for social media because they are afraid they don’t know how to produce them. Here are some hints to get you going making great content and producing nice quality videos. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this video or to…

Time for a New Logo?

Is your logo outdated? Does it need a little refresher? Here’s a great online app that creates one for you in seconds. It’s pretty easy and fun to use. Give it a whirl and freshen up your store’s image. It’spretty gosh darn affordable, $20, $65, $195. Here’s how to do it.

Train Your Team – WEASEL WORDS

Is your team using Weasel Words? Are they confident in their presentations or are they using words that send customers packing? Show this video to the staff and let them do some self evaluation. I must warn you that a sales staff that is regularly trained tends to grow. For weekly training videos just like…